TV couple face jail for drugging their 4 months old baby with cocaine


A TV presenter drugged her four-month-old baby with cocaine by breastfeeding her after a wild party.

Krystin Lisaius, 26, and her husband Somchai Lisaius, 42, could face two years in prison after the young mum gave her daughter breast milk 12 hours after taking cocaine .

The American presenters from Arizona were charged in April but have only just pleaded guilty to endangering their baby.

They both face up to two years in jail.
According to the Tucson Weekly , the pair took their baby daughter to hospital after her "rolling into the back of her head" and she felt "limp" but the pair refused to allow the tot to be toxicology tested and left the hospital against doctors' advice.

After agreeing for their daughter to be transferred the baby girl headed via ambulance to another childrens' hospital but both parents were still uncooperative and refused a toxicology test for the child.

It was only after a damning urine test revealed the baby had cocaine in her system that Krystin was questioned.

She eventually confessed that she didn’t think her daughter would be harmed if she waited 12 hours after taking cocaine..
First her husband Som denied he had taken the drug but later confessed saying he used the drug “every six weeks or so.”

Som and his wife had careers in the public eye before the drug scandal lead to his contract being terminated - they no longer see their child unattended and their baby lives with their maternal grandmother.
On May 16, police found 1.59 grams of cocaine and a scale inside their home.The pair had been charged with three felonies each, including child abuse, possession of narcotics and possession of drug paraphernalia.

But if the judge accepts the plea then the other charges will be dropped.

Both TV presenters have lost their jobs since the devastating incident.

The Tuscan Daily

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