Woman dumped New Born Baby with his placenta on Ketu Road in Lagos State

According to social media user Abass-Aleshinloye Omotoke, who shared this image:-
“People are desperately wicked… I wonder why someone will be pregnant for 9 good months and dump d baby… Things are tough; Oh yes we know, there’s recession everywhere;we understand.
I was raised by a single mum who struggled and did all sort of odd jobs just to get me where I am today. Around 8:45am today, I heard my neighbor crying and I had to rush out to know what was wrong and d next thing she said was someone dumped a baby behind her window where my Aunt parked her car and we all rushed there, lo and behold; we saw this new born baby with blood stain on d ground and on d floor with his placenta still attached to his cord in his belly. The baby was clothless and was placed on stones.

“I mean who does that to a new born??? even if d mother doesn’t want d baby; she can at least give birth to it and give it to someone who needs baby…. And there I watched “Iyawo” one of my neighbors shedding tears uncontrollably because she has been married for so many years without an issue, and I tried thinking of what will be going on in her mind at that moment.
Moments later, a woman removed her head gear and wrapped d baby properly with it And I keep wondering the millions of mosquitoes that would have fed on the new born’s blood, the insect bites, d starvation the baby might have gone through because I know the mother can never breastfeed him.

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