If You Can't Cope With My Fans, We Can Not Date - Iyanya

Mavin act, Iyanya, in a new interview with Sunday Scoop, opened up about romance, Yvonne Nelson and more.

Read excerpts below:

You’ve been romantically linked with a lot of ladies, which of those are actually true?

I’m sure nobody has heard about me and any woman in the last two years. Yes, I’ve been in relationships with about two people you guys know about but that’s all in the past. Even if I’m going to get married, I would keep it away from the media. My last relationship was safe for three years till it became public knowledge. When people know who you’re in a relationship with, they start to say all sorts and this causes friction between couples.

What actually went wrong in your relationship with Yvonne Nelson?

It was just one of those relationships that didn’t work because it couldn’t work. It’s not like she’s a bad person and I’m not a bad person either. However, I’m happy that we still have a nice relationship and we keep in touch.

Do you think it’s okay for entertainers to date?

If you’re ready for all that madness, then you can go ahead. If you’re dating a famous person, don’t expect the relationship to be like the one where the person isn’t in the public eye. Besides, entertainers don’t have regular schedules and we don’t have a lot of free time at our disposal. You must also be ready to see such people hugging, kissing strangers and if the person is an actress, they would even have to fake lovemaking because it’s part of their job. So many times, girls have approached me while I was with my girlfriend, and they would tell her to take pictures of us together. Anybody that isn’t comfortable doing that can’t date me. Before you met me, my fans were there. And that’s why I’m not in a relationship today because it’s difficult for most people to understand.

What do you like in a woman?

I don’t know. If a woman makes me happy and she looks good, then I’m okay.

What would you say is the biggest thing music has done for you?

Music has done all the big things for me. From being a choir master at the age of five to doing jingles for my state at the age of 14 and working as a karaoke attendant at the age of 18. I was already making money from music before I became famous. Every big thing that has happened in my life has been because of music. The first time I performed before a huge crowd was the first-ever Calabar Carnival hosted by the Donald Duke administration and that was where I was discovered. While I was doing music in my home state, I met lots of stars such as P-Square, Styl-Plus, 2face, and many others before travelling to Lagos for Project Fame.
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