The world's most expensive earrings to be sold at £55 million

A pair of odd earrings are set to sell for the highest ever price when they go up for auction next month.

The exceptional are pink and white and have been valued at nearly £55 million.
Experts described the stones as being in a "class of their own", with the pink earring named Artemis and the blue, Apollo.

According to UK Mirror, Apollo is a 14.54 carat vivid blue diamond which has been cut and polished into a pear shape. Artemis is a 16 carat fancy intense pink diamond.
 Both gems are phenomenally rare, with less than 0.1 per cent of diamonds having any blue in them.

The pink and blue earrings were unveiled in London by Sotheby's which will be auctioning them on May 16 in Geneva.The diamonds were named Apollo and Artemis after the twin brother and sister of power and beauty who were among the most widely venerated of the Ancient Greek gods.
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