Only in Nigeria can a rat chase a lion away from his den - Reno Omokri mocks Buhari

Former Special Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan on digital media, Reno Omokri, has mocked President Buhari, who is nicknamed the “Lion President”, following reports that the President will spend three months working from home because rats infested his office.

Reacting to the report, Mr. Omokri wrote on Twitter: “Only in Nigeria can a "rodent" chase a lion away from his den!”

He added that rats in Nigeria have relocated to seek greener pastures at the Presidential Villa.

Below are his tweets: "Rodents have caused a lot of damage to the President's office"! Really @GarShehu, there should be limits to propaganda. Leave lies for Lai!

 “The @NGRPresident projected PMB as a corruption crusader with strong integrity. Infantile lies as this rodent story rubbishes that image!
“If President @MBuhari is not strong enough to go to his office, @GarShehu should say the truth and shame satan rather than blame “rodents"!
“Only in Nigeria can a "rodent" chase a lion away from his den! Or is @GarShehu referring to human rodents of the #ResumeorResign variety?
“Since @AsoRock is a den of "rodents", its my patriotic duty to warn the Presidency to proactively begin protecting @MBuhari from Lassa Fever
“In all this, the only credit I can give @NGRPresident is that they haven't blamed @GEJonathan & PDP for sending rats to destroy PMB's office

“If you are wondering why the rats in your city have reduced, wonder no more. They have all relocated to seek greener pastures at @AsoRock!”
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