When a queen finds herself dating a dog, do not judge her - Lizzy Anjorin shares cryptic message

From her desk:
As a real Queen the earlier you understand philosophy of life the better.. When a real Queen end up with a dog or slave, please don't judge her as a friends or family, stop saying silly things about her and you as a Queen don't blame God for your current situation because God might just be preparing you for a greater throne.. Do remember gold are found black; torture, heat, endurance and pains makes gold comes out shine and attractive.. You will soon come out shine and beautiful, your king is outside there seriously looking for a real Queen like you😉 but as a Queen you need dog and slave that will accompany you to where your real king is.. Don't blame yourself or God over unpleasant things because everything has an expiring date... That dog or slave that doesn't see the crown on your head as a Queen will one day crawl and bow to beg for a loaf of bread from you.... Every woman is a Queen! Believe me your king is waiting for you somewhere so don't let any situation drive you crazy, instead, drive the crazy dog and slave around you right now to where your real King is

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