Mother in tears after failing to recognise son after drastic plastic surgery

A Thai man has made headlines after undergoing dramatic plastic surgery on TV that left him completely unrecognisable.

After years of suffering from a twisted jaw that meant he was unable to chew and depressed about the way he looked Noppajit Monlin, 22, applied to appear on Thai TV makeover show Let Me In.

The young man who was low on confidence said that his facial deformity meant that he was shunned during his lunch break by co-workers at the factory he works at in Thailand.

But after being accepted on the show, Monlin went under the knife and received the dramatic transformation he wanted, however, it was so drastic that even his own mother failed to recognise him.

According to the show, Monlin underwent a series of different procedures including jaw, forehead and eyelid surgery as well as having salivary gland botox injections to fix his excessive drooling problem.

He also had skin treatments to help get rid of spots and scarring.
However, when he surprised his mother post-transformation she admitted that she missed his natural face.

“I really miss him, and I'm not acting,“ she said on the TV show.

As his mom breaks down in tears Monlin asks her ”Mum, do you remember me? Look at me.“

She replies, ”Is it you? Is it really you?"

Speaking about his new appearance the factory worker admitted that it had given him more confidence and that he since become more popular.

”People say I'm a different person. I feel much better,” he said.

“Before, people said my face was not normal and society didn't accept me, now I have more friends.“

However, despite all the attention he has been receiving the 22-year-old confirmed that he would remain loyal to his girlfriend, a 26-year-old transgender woman he met online named Tob.

Culled from Daily Independent
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