UNN students left stranded as rainstorm blows off hostel roofs (PHOTOS)

Scores of students of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka have been dis­placed and stranded follow­ing a heavy downpour which blew off hostel roofs on cam­pus, Monday.

The rain which was accompa­nied by a strong wind, dam­aged some hostels leaving students stranded.

 Some of the hostels affected include Eni Njoku and Okpara hostels which are male and female hostels respectively. Part of the roof covering Eni Njoku hostel was completely blown off causing confusion as students scampered for safety.

“It came as a surprise be­cause we had thought the building was strong. We were even scared when the whole thing was happening thinking the building would collapse,” said Paul Ugwu, a student at the hostel.

At least seven rooms at Okpara hostel were affected by the rain which started at about 11:45pm on Sunday, up­rooting tree branches in the school environment. It was a horrible and pitiable situation that forced students out of their rooms.

The unfortunate incident coincided with the 14 Eni Njoku Memorial lecture or­ganised by the faculty of bio­logical sciences of the Univer­sity. One of the students who pleaded anonymity said they were all asleep when the rain started, destroying their roof and disrupting their sleep.

According to her, they quickly ran through the dark corridor and staircase to the first floor which was beneath theirs and sought refuge in the rooms which were not affected.

“Our room is now messed up and the rain has destroyed our property in­cluding our books, clothes, beds and other items. It was only a few people that sus­tained minor injuries from the disaster,” she said.

In response to the disas­ter, the supervisor in charge of the hostel has assigned the affected students to oth­er rooms where they would squat for the meantime.

“I have been assigned to stay in a room downstairs, I don’t even know if the legal occu­pants will accept me into the room,” said one of the affected students.

Workers at the Works De­partment of the institution have started fixing the dam­ages which include remov­ing trees which fell on the road and disrupted vehicular movements.

By Patrick Egwu, Enugu
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